24 Stunning Pictures Showing The Love For Our Dog Babies

love my dog 9

Dogs are not just a man’s best friend. They are all human’s best friends. Although cats may rule the world, you will never find a more loyal and loving companion than a dog.

Scientists have found that the reason your dogs go crazy when you get home is because they actually go through a similar state of mind as falling in love every time they see you.

See how much these people and their dogs love each other. If you love your dogs this much or have friends that feel this way about there dogs, share this with them on Facebook

1. Sometimes a pat on the shoulder is all that’s needed

love my dog 1

2. The plush thrown. The plush toy. Kisses

love my dog 2

3. They’ll even skype with you to see your face!

love my dog 3

4. Once upon a time…

love my dog 4

5. A goodbye hug

love my dog 5

6. EVERYONE loves a birthday cake!

love my dog 6



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