The cat thug life

It is a stunning cat. No one can argue that, but if you look a little closer, doesn’t it look

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cutting a mango with amazing skill

A mango is a very messy fruit to eat. It is sticky and all over the place, but super good

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I want to be a tomato

Somewhere in your life your teacher or a parent must have told you: “You can be whatever you want to

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Playing Star Wars theme on flame thrower bagpipes

Looking at the stranger side of life is not a bad thing. We all need a laugh sometimes and the

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hungry cat

When you are cold, you want to eat. It is just the way things work in winter time. This is

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This is what my car feels like in winter

Winter is not playing nice with us. It is freezing up everything. This morning when I got into my car,

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dog, carrots and ceiling fan video

This is one of the funniest videos I have see in a long time. This owner has take a couple

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Welcome to South Africa: Where we lockup EVERYTHING

In South Africa we know that anything that is not locked, bolted down or in a safe, has a good

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silly pony video

Brands often take themselves too serious. Other times they do an amazing job of making an ad that isn’t an

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Winter's Throne of Torture

Winter is hitting us hard at the moment in South Africa and we are DEFINITELY not made for this whole

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