10 Buses with Personality

funny buses

Who knew buses were so interesting? As you see them slowly drudging down the streets of your local town or city, do you ever stop and think: “I wander if that is a nice bus?” or “Would I hang out in that bus?”

These buses are however my favorites and they really do see the lighter side of life. Good buses.

1. The polite bus

funny bus 1

2. The high-on-exhaust-fumes bus

funny bus 2

3. The caring bus

funny bus 3

4. The near hopeless bus

funny bus 4

5. The cousin of the high-on-exhaust-fumes bus

funny bus 5

6. The life-is-so-hollow bus

funny bus 6

7. The too-cool-to-be-school bus

funny bus 7

8. The trying-out-for-Jackass bus

funny bus 8

9. The fabulous bus

funny bus 9

10. The #lol bus

funny bus 10



March 12th, 2015 by