11 Funny Victories by (almost) everyone’s friend: Irony

irony is the boss 8

Oh the irony. Sometimes it hits those who deserve it and sometimes just because it can. Either way if it doesn’t hurt you in any way it always funny.

Often like someone falling and you know that you are not supposed to laugh, but you just can’t help it!

Enjoy the tricks that irony likes to pull on everyone. Share it with your friends that can do with a bit of a laugh.

1. As self explanatory as it can possibly get

irony is the boss 1

2. Is it a win because most of the other letters are aligned?

irony is the boss 2

3. Payback is a bitch

irony is the boss 3

4. “The brand you should always buy kids!”

irony is the boss 4

5. You made it past the sign, so it isn’t “Game Over”

irony is the boss 5



March 21st, 2015 by