12 Shocking Fast Food Facts

shocking fast food facts

Social media is quickly turning into a vehicle that gives consumers a voice. The voice is really speaking up though when it comes to fast food.

During the past two decades many people across the globe drifted towards fast food as a quick, easy and mostly affordable way of eating. Over the past few years there has however be a noticeable rise in posts and information about fast food and just exactly how it falls short in many ways.

Some of these facts you might know, but there are quite a few here that really would make you think twice before you hit the next drive-thru…

McDonald’s Sweet Tea

fast food facts 1
A 32 oz (950ml) Sweet tea contains the same amount of sugar as two and a half Snickers.

They Made The Colonel Sad 🙁

fast food facts 2
When Colonel Sanders left KFC he said he had started to hate the company. He described the famous fried chicken as “the worst fried chicken I’ve ever seen” and the gravy as “wallpaper paste”.

With Cheese Please

fast food facts 3
So the extra cheese you are getting on your burger is more often than not processed cheese. Processed cheese is only about half cheese. The other half is made up of whey, salt, milk, emulsifiers, preservatives and artificial coloring.

Just Get a Kid’s Meal

fast food facts 4
In 2010 research was done that found that less than 1% of all kid’s meal combinations met recommended nutritional standards. So all those marketed as a smarter and healthier choice for parents to buy also likely falls into this category.

But Then I Will Just Get The Salad

fast food facts 5
They are in fact some of the unhealthiest options on the take-away menus. The lower-calorie chicken salad shown above (from Burger King) come in with 550 calories, 37g of fat and 1 640mg of salt.

Popular burgers in comparison:
Big Mac: 467 calories, 23g fat, 908mg of salt
Whopper: 650 calories, 37g fat, 910mg of salt

Aren’t Fresh Ingredients Better

fast food facts 6
Pizza Hut sued Papa John’s, claiming false advertisement that “fresher ingredients” make “better pizza.” I have never heard anyone complaining about ingredients being too fresh or preferring stale ingredients. So in my humble opinion I think that fresher ingredients do make better food!

Quiz Time: What Is This?

fast food facts 7
If you guessed that is the “beef” that Taco Bell uses, I am really impressed. Well it is and doesn’t it look just totally appetizing?

A Good Old Traditional Milkshake

fast food facts 8
The McDonald’s strawberry milkshake contains a total of 59 ingredients. None of them are strawberries. Nuff said.

At Least The Stores Are Kept Clean

fast food facts 9
On average fast food patrons will consume 12 pubic hairs each year. We don’t want to know how or why.

But The Meat Is 100%

fast food facts 10
That is true. It is 100% of things that come from the same animal for example cattle. You will get a lovely tasty medley of meat, hearts, intestines, tripe, stomachs and a couple of flour bleaching agents and loads of salt to mask the odd flavors. My mouth is watering…

At Least The Soda Fountains Are Value For Money

fast food facts 11
That is true. Regardless of the huge quantities of sugar in those drinks early half of all soda fountains tested found bacteria on them that grew in fecal matter.

The No-Brainer

fast food facts 12
Basically most of the food on the fast food menus are high in fat, high in salt and low in nutritional value.

So the next time you go and enjoy a quick take away just remember these points.

Stop being lazy and cook for a change! It is cheaper, healthier, tastes a lot better and actually can become a fun hobby!



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