15 Things About McDonald’s and Their People

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McDonald’s has been in the crossfire of so many blog posts over the past two years and there is no letting up…

So we thought we should add a little bit of fuel to the fire. Why? Because it is fun playing with fire and matches.

It is just a kind of a “did you know?” lighter side of it look at the fast food giant.

Absolutely Fabulous

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The number one reasons I would work for them is that you get to wear these absolutely amazing and flattering outfits.

Them Nuggets

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Few things are as appetizing as those nuggets being made freshly.

It Is Kinda Freshly Made

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If they take a patty from frozen it is cooked 100% in just 30 seconds!

No Flipping Burgers!

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So your dad thinks that one day you will just be flipping burgers! The joke is on him as no burgers are flipped at McDonalds. They have a machine that resembles a huge George Foreman grill which does that 30 second patty cooking.

But You Won’t Starve

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However slamming fries in your face throughout your shift is not difficult at all.

And The Nuggest Help Out

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…and if you are lucky there would be some free nuggets in the mix as well.

Stocking Up

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…then when it comes to Staff Meal time, you will make sure that you get every possible part of your allowance in your stomach.

Why Should You Work The Late Shift?

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That is when all the weirdos come out. It makes a normally dull and lifeless shift SO much more interesting.

But You Would Need Self Control…

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because there would always be that one idiot that comes in asking for a “Big Mac with everything except the patties, cheese and with double ketchup”. So you want a bun with ketchup basically?

The Drive-Thru Challenge

mcdonalds things people 10
It would be your duty to actively ignore the customers who stop and the drive through and scream “Hallo” within half a second because you haven’t asked them for their order yet.

The Fillet-o-Fish

mcdonalds things people 11
You hope that no one orders the Fillet-o-Fish. They are always made to order. I mean really. Who goes to McDonalds and orders a fish dish? If you had any idea what goes into their meat dishes, you don’t want to know what goes into the fish…

I Mean Really? (Self Control Part 2

mcdonalds things people 12
Then there are those special people in rush hour traffic who get to the front and then start staring at the menu and wonder what they will order. Really? It’s McDonalds. Nothing changes ever and you always have exactly the same thing!

Fresh Fries Moaners

mcdonalds things people 13
Fresh fries are made constantly, but then there would be those idiots complaining about wanting fresh fries. Then as you start making them fresh fries they moan because you are taking time making fresh fries.

It’s All About The Money

mcdonalds things people 14
The main reason you work is because of the huge income you get from it.

Then Why Continue Working There?

mcdonalds things people 15
Because FREE Burgers



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