15 Times When Wedding Cakes Didn’t Result In Happy Tears

sad wedding cakes

A wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion. Any bride wants everything has to be perfect. The reality is however that it doesn’t always work out that well.

When you end up with these types of wedding cake disasters, you will have one seriously unhappy bride!

The Dried Doughnuts

sad wedding cakes 1

Has anything ever looked less appetizing?

The Earhtquake

sad wedding cakes 2

I think cousin Edna should bake the cake. She still has one good eye left. How bad can it turn out?

The Creepy

sad wedding cakes 3

I love it Lequisha! Nothing shows our love better than cutting into a life size cake of you.

The Green Waterfalls

sad wedding cakes 4

Nailed it! And for a bonus you got some stunning green waterfalls.

The A.D.D. Baker’s Surprise

sad wedding cakes 5

Nothing says forever like a weird beehive and bits of sweets explosion

The Classic + Monogram

sad wedding cakes 6

Now that is a bit of an unfortunate monogram

The Classic + Sweet Lovin

sad wedding cakes 7

Beautiful elegant serious HARD LOVING

The Message-On-A-Cake

sad wedding cakes 8

First the letters got into a bit of a bumper bashing in “Congratulations” and then the spelling of “wedding”. Ahh… now I understand. The one decorating was weeding at the time…

The Pimple

sad wedding cakes

Look honey! We look so happy on our bright pimple of love!

The Exact Replica

sad wedding cake 10

Exactly what I ordered! It looks like a romantic clown make-up explosion!

The Leaning Tower

sad wedding cake 11

Oh look a bendy cake! Give them credit. It had to be incredibly difficult to make it like that and not have it fall over.

The Three-Tyre Cake

sad wedding cakes 12

Betty: So Cleatus what would you say sums up our relationship?
Cleatus: Tyres Betty… Tyres

The You Almost Did It

sad wedding cakes 13

Now you are just being picky. Not the best try, but compared to the others its a masterpiece.

The …Uhh…

sad wedding cakes 14

Uhh. No seriously. WTF is this?

The Turd & Leach

sad wedding cakes 15

Oh honey let’s get a turd and leach looking chocolate cake for our wedding!



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