25 of the weirdest islands you’ll ever see

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I am all for weird… but the right kind of weird. Some of these islands are however a little on the creepy side, while others certainly can compete in the Weird World Championships.

Throughout history there have been life-changing events that often resulted in these islands turning out the way they did. They don’t often hit the news, but as you work through them you’ll have to agree that they are some of the strangest and most bizarre places you have seen yet.

1. La Isla de las Muñecas

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Right off the bat this one probably wins the prize for being the creepiest of the lot. A guy who went insane hid on the island for years and kept covering it in dolls to keep the demons away (so he believe). Translated the name of the island is “Island of the Dolls”. It is however not a place for you to bring your kids for playtime…

2. Ōkunoshima Island

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It is a fluffy bunny attack! The island was used for chemical weapon testing by the Japanese army. These rabbits were all brought to the island to monitor the results of the testing. Chemically altered rabbits… I see a TMNT spin-off in the making.

3. Deer Island

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Don’t let the name fool you. It is not where Santa goes to recruit his reindeer. The island is shrouded in mystery and is where the infamous Yale’s Skull and Bones come together. Here they conduct all of their creepy rituals and do their plotting…

4. Great Blue Hole

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It is actually the reverse of an island and a very popular diving spot. It is just off the coast of Belize. Personally I can’t understand why anyone would want to go on a diving trip into a dark never-ending abyss.

5. The Isola La Gaiola

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It is not a favorite among the locals in Naples. All of the owners of this island have ended up either dead (drowned or murdered) or destitute. So next time you are in the market for your own private island, it might make sense to steer clear of this one.




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