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doesn't like eating alone
June 2nd, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Dogs are really special and can teach us a lot about how to care for others and love others. This one just once again shows why it is important to do things together.

Each dog gets their dinner but at separate ends of the room. The little one doesn’t like that at all and wants to eat with his dog family. Shouldn’t we do this more as well?


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dog swing
June 2nd, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Animals are just amazing and some of the things that dogs come up with especially just blows my mind. This dog goes to the swing set and has his own game.

This dog decided that he would make the most of the run-down swing set and turn it into his own play-thing. About halfway through the clip he starts and it just makes me smile watching it.


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weird islands 1
May 19th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

I am all for weird… but the right kind of weird. Some of these islands are however a little on the creepy side, while others certainly can compete in the Weird World Championships.

Throughout history there have been life-changing events that often resulted in these islands turning out the way they did. They don’t often hit the news, but as you work through them you’ll have to agree that they are some of the strangest and most bizarre places you have seen yet.

1. La Isla de las Muñecas

weird islands 1

Right off the bat this one probably wins the prize for being the creepiest of the lot. A guy who went insane hid on the island for years and kept covering it in dolls to keep the demons away (so he believe). Translated the name of the island is “Island of the Dolls”. It is however not a place for you to bring your kids for playtime…

2. Ōkunoshima Island

weird islands 2


It is a fluffy bunny attack! The island was used for chemical weapon testing by the Japanese army. These rabbits were all brought to the island to monitor the results of the testing. Chemically altered rabbits… I see a TMNT spin-off in the making.

3. Deer Island

weird islands 3


Don’t let the name fool you. It is not where Santa goes to recruit his reindeer. The island is shrouded in mystery and is where the infamous Yale’s Skull and Bones come together. Here they conduct all of their creepy rituals and do their plotting…

4. Great Blue Hole

weird islands 4


It is actually the reverse of an island and a very popular diving spot. It is just off the coast of Belize. Personally I can’t understand why anyone would want to go on a diving trip into a dark never-ending abyss.

5. The Isola La Gaiola

weird islands 5


It is not a favorite among the locals in Naples. All of the owners of this island have ended up either dead (drowned or murdered) or destitute. So next time you are in the market for your own private island, it might make sense to steer clear of this one.


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Couples who mullet 1
May 15th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

The mullet is one of the classiest and most classic hairstyles in the world. From these happy pictures you can also clearly see that couples who mullet together stay together.

It is one of the most iconic time-capsules taking us back a bleak time in the 80s when your wealth was measured by the amount of hairspray you could afford.

I am just sitting here wondering why monuments haven’t been erected to celebrate this most sensual an seductive of hairstyles. Grrrrrrrrrr…

Our mullet power couple

Couples who mullet 1

1986 Miami suburban gangster chic

Couples who mullet 2

Also… families that mullet together stay together

Couples who mullet 3

Must love dogs…

Couples who mullet 4

$100 when she turns around she will have a kick-ass rat-tail

Couples who mullet 5


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flash mob featured img
May 13th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Flash mobs are not always a success, but when people pull them off they are VERY entertaining. A couple of Irish dancers pulled off a great one in an English Shopping mall. The dancers are from the McGahan Lees Dance Academy in Essex, England.

The Flash mob was put together to mark the start of a new flight route between Dublin and London by the Irish Airline Aer Lingus back in 2012.

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the win-win date night
April 24th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Many date nights are aimed at making one of the partners happy …and the other one is not always as thrilled about it. There are however some couples who get it spot on.

the win-win date night

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groot swing
April 24th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Groot is one of the coolest characters I have seen in a movie in a long time. He starred in Guardians of the Galaxy and basically said one thing: “Groot”. Still everyone loved him. How cool is this Groot swing?

groot swing

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happy sandwich featured image
April 15th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

I really should be doing these posts when I am hungry. Some of these look good, others look absolutely drool-inducing faint-and-fall-over delicious!

The thing about sandwiches is that they don’t need to be overly complex to be amazing. You just need some decent bread and then you start throwing stuff on there. Something as simple as the one from Australia goes down a treat with a cup of coffee. Then again, something like that masterpiece from Uruguay or the Kaya Toast just makes me want to overindulge BIG TIME!!!

(It also looks like a great reason to travel around the globe for an all-you-can-eat-holiday)

Australia: Vegamite (and we just call it Marmite)

happy sandwich 1

France: Jambon beurre

happy sandwich 2

Puerto Rico: The Tripleta

happy sandwich 3

Finland: Porilanien

happy sandwich 4

Uruguay: The Chivito

happy sandwich 5

South Africa: The Gatsby

happy sandwich 6

Belgium: The Mitraillette

happy sandwich 7

The Netherlands: The classic Dutch broodje Kroket

happy sandwich 8

Poland: Zapiekanka

happy sandwich 9

Argentina: The Choripán

happy sandwich 10

Malaysia: The Roti john

happy sandwich 11

Serbia: Pljeskavica

happy sandwich 12

Singapore: Kaya Toast

happy sandwich 13

Brazil: The Bauru

happy sandwich 14

Italy: A Panino

happy sandwich 15

Macau: A pork chop bun

happy sandwich 16

Austria: Bonsa or Bosner

happy sandwich 17

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when an orange peel meets a balloon
April 14th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

The science they teach you in school sucks compared to ridiculous things like this. Not exactly sure how someone figured this one out, but it is very cool.

You know when you peel an orange your fingers are probably a bit sticky and a little greasy and they smell all nice like citrus. Well that stuff is heavy on limonene, which is an essential oil. It is a little wonder of nature which is great for your skin as it hydrates it and makes you smell like you have been rolling around in oranges.

When you put it on a balloon it is however not as friendly… Have a look at the little clip below. Weird stuff. Now I just wonder: how bored must the scientist have been to have thought “today I will sit with various fruit, squeeze them over balloons and see what happens”.

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wooden box of tricks
March 25th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Everyone needs one of these in their backyard. The man, the legend behind this awesome little wooden box of tricks: Izzy Swan.

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in some time just once again showing what amazing things we humans can create. The man has got some serious skills in woodworking and created a little masterpiece.

Many of these folding types of designs sometimes look like they wouldn’t be that sturdy, but it is easy to see that this is not the case with the Eizzy Folding Table.

It looks more like a treasure check or magic box of some sorts, but when he starts unfolding it it is just amazing. Hauling this around would be far easier than trying to carry four chairs and a table. Often times this is the main flaw in these types of folding designs. They are often just not practical. They look cool, but you can’t really see where or when you can really use it.

This would be a great addition to anyone’s camping set up. I can just picture myself whipping this one out when we go fishing and looking like a rockstar because I didn’t forget a table or a chair 🙂

The man’s genius should be shared!

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