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bacon happy
May 14th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

bacon happy

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life hacks wine bottles 14
May 13th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

South Africans like most people love a bit of wine, but usually afterwards the bottles just go to waste. Here are a couple of very interesting little “life hacks” you can use to give them a new lease on life.

1. Make unique pots for your plants

life hacks wine bottles 1

2. Knives for butter and cottage cheese

life hacks wine bottles 2

3. Beautiful and unique chandelier

life hacks wine bottles 3

4. A one-of-a-kind soap dispenser

life hacks wine bottles 4

5. Cork key chains

life hacks wine bottles 5


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Enhanced Water
May 12th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

I have always known that those vitamin waters can’t be that amazing. It was just proven once again when I saw the advanced water on the shelves. I prefer to stay hydrated and focused through enhanced water.

Enhanced Water

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happy sandwich featured image
April 15th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

I really should be doing these posts when I am hungry. Some of these look good, others look absolutely drool-inducing faint-and-fall-over delicious!

The thing about sandwiches is that they don’t need to be overly complex to be amazing. You just need some decent bread and then you start throwing stuff on there. Something as simple as the one from Australia goes down a treat with a cup of coffee. Then again, something like that masterpiece from Uruguay or the Kaya Toast just makes me want to overindulge BIG TIME!!!

(It also looks like a great reason to travel around the globe for an all-you-can-eat-holiday)

Australia: Vegamite (and we just call it Marmite)

happy sandwich 1

France: Jambon beurre

happy sandwich 2

Puerto Rico: The Tripleta

happy sandwich 3

Finland: Porilanien

happy sandwich 4

Uruguay: The Chivito

happy sandwich 5

South Africa: The Gatsby

happy sandwich 6

Belgium: The Mitraillette

happy sandwich 7

The Netherlands: The classic Dutch broodje Kroket

happy sandwich 8

Poland: Zapiekanka

happy sandwich 9

Argentina: The Choripán

happy sandwich 10

Malaysia: The Roti john

happy sandwich 11

Serbia: Pljeskavica

happy sandwich 12

Singapore: Kaya Toast

happy sandwich 13

Brazil: The Bauru

happy sandwich 14

Italy: A Panino

happy sandwich 15

Macau: A pork chop bun

happy sandwich 16

Austria: Bonsa or Bosner

happy sandwich 17

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sugar in the sauce
March 30th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

You know how you are always trying to cut back on sugar. It is however difficult to see the hidden sugar in many products. Here is a look at some of the sauces that people in South Africa use on a daily basis and how much sugar they contain. A can of Coke is also thrown in there for comparison.

sugar in the sauce

This is how much sugar there is in your sauces…


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supermarket confessions 15
March 24th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Every industry has their own “tools of the trade”. A couple of these that supermarkets employ however will shock you as studies have found that people often buy 50% more than they intended when visiting the shops.

Here a couple of the “supermarket confessions” we have been able to pull together that sheds some light on how they are able to get us to buy so much.

1. Pairing of high margin products

supermarket confessions 1


You might think they were looking out for your convenience, but that’s not it. They make a little on the chips and a lot on the salsa. They go together nicely and often people would take both.

2. Putting the freshly made goods at the front of the store

supermarket confessions 2


As you walk into a store you would be hit with all of the wonderful smells and everywhere you look you will see things you want to eat. The result is that you would often end up buying more food than you need.

3. The strategic hanging of signs

supermarket confessions 3


They are very intentionally placed by shop keepers where they want us to look

4. The popular items are placed in the middle of the aisle

supermarket confessions 4


To get to the product you actually want you would need to walk past all of the less popular products. The chances of you actually dropping some of these products into your trolley rises exponentially as a result. Normally you wouldn’t have looked at them twice.

5. I swear it was here last week…

supermarket confessions 5



People are creatures of habit. After a while we would have our set pattern that we take through a store to get everything we need. The result is that the effectiveness of the sale of some of the less popular products would drop after a while. For this reasons products in stores are swapped around on a regular basis.

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breakfast hacks 2
March 23rd, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

One of the big reasons why people don’t like making breakfast is because it eats into their previous morning time before work. If you barely have time to get ready for work, you often don’t have enough time to put together a healthy breakfast.

So let’s make things a little easier and do all the work in the evening. Here are two very easy ways to cut down the time you would need in the mornings.

Healthy oats in a jar

breakfast hacks 1

This is definitely one of the easiest things you can make. You don’t even need to cook the oats for this. The basis of the “Oats in a jar” is oats and some milk (or water if you prefer it).

One of the nicest ones you can do is to add about half a cup of oats and a cup of milk to a nearly empty peanut butter jar. If you don’t have a peanut butter jar, any other jar would work.

You can then add frozen berries, banana, protein powder, flax seed and cinnamon to taste. Give it a stir so that everything is mixed and put in the fridge.

Tomorrow when you get up, it will be good to go!

Pre-packed smoothie ingredients

breakfast hacks 2

Smoothies are one of the rockstars of the breakfast world. If you prepare only one portion daily from scratch it takes some time.

We therefore suggest that you get 5 zip-lock bags and make enough pre-packed smoothie ingredients for a working week. In a smoothie you are ideally looking to have protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber in abundance.

You can therefore combine the following ingredients in different combinations every day to keep things interesting:
Kale, berries, cinnamon, banana, orange, flax seeds, whey protein, spinach, almonds, oats, peanut butter, chia seeds and apple.

After you have made your five different smoothie packs you pop them in the fridge for the week ahead.

You should also buy a tub or two of greek yoghurt to mix it up with every week. You can then swap this with milk every other day.

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mcdonalds stuff
March 19th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

McDonald’s has been in the crossfire of so many blog posts over the past two years and there is no letting up…

So we thought we should add a little bit of fuel to the fire. Why? Because it is fun playing with fire and matches.

It is just a kind of a “did you know?” lighter side of it look at the fast food giant.

Absolutely Fabulous

mcdonalds things people
The number one reasons I would work for them is that you get to wear these absolutely amazing and flattering outfits.

Them Nuggets

mcdonalds things people 2
Few things are as appetizing as those nuggets being made freshly.

It Is Kinda Freshly Made

mcdonalds things people 3
If they take a patty from frozen it is cooked 100% in just 30 seconds!

No Flipping Burgers!

mcdonalds things people 4
So your dad thinks that one day you will just be flipping burgers! The joke is on him as no burgers are flipped at McDonalds. They have a machine that resembles a huge George Foreman grill which does that 30 second patty cooking.

But You Won’t Starve

mcdonalds things people 5
However slamming fries in your face throughout your shift is not difficult at all.

And The Nuggest Help Out

mcdonalds things people 6
…and if you are lucky there would be some free nuggets in the mix as well.

Stocking Up

mcdonalds things people 7
…then when it comes to Staff Meal time, you will make sure that you get every possible part of your allowance in your stomach.

Why Should You Work The Late Shift?

mcdonalds things people 8
That is when all the weirdos come out. It makes a normally dull and lifeless shift SO much more interesting.

But You Would Need Self Control…

mcdonalds things people 9
because there would always be that one idiot that comes in asking for a “Big Mac with everything except the patties, cheese and with double ketchup”. So you want a bun with ketchup basically?

The Drive-Thru Challenge

mcdonalds things people 10
It would be your duty to actively ignore the customers who stop and the drive through and scream “Hallo” within half a second because you haven’t asked them for their order yet.

The Fillet-o-Fish

mcdonalds things people 11
You hope that no one orders the Fillet-o-Fish. They are always made to order. I mean really. Who goes to McDonalds and orders a fish dish? If you had any idea what goes into their meat dishes, you don’t want to know what goes into the fish…

I Mean Really? (Self Control Part 2

mcdonalds things people 12
Then there are those special people in rush hour traffic who get to the front and then start staring at the menu and wonder what they will order. Really? It’s McDonalds. Nothing changes ever and you always have exactly the same thing!

Fresh Fries Moaners

mcdonalds things people 13
Fresh fries are made constantly, but then there would be those idiots complaining about wanting fresh fries. Then as you start making them fresh fries they moan because you are taking time making fresh fries.

It’s All About The Money

mcdonalds things people 14
The main reason you work is because of the huge income you get from it.

Then Why Continue Working There?

mcdonalds things people 15
Because FREE Burgers

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shocking fast food facts
March 18th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Social media is quickly turning into a vehicle that gives consumers a voice. The voice is really speaking up though when it comes to fast food.

During the past two decades many people across the globe drifted towards fast food as a quick, easy and mostly affordable way of eating. Over the past few years there has however be a noticeable rise in posts and information about fast food and just exactly how it falls short in many ways.

Some of these facts you might know, but there are quite a few here that really would make you think twice before you hit the next drive-thru…

McDonald’s Sweet Tea

fast food facts 1
A 32 oz (950ml) Sweet tea contains the same amount of sugar as two and a half Snickers.

They Made The Colonel Sad 🙁

fast food facts 2
When Colonel Sanders left KFC he said he had started to hate the company. He described the famous fried chicken as “the worst fried chicken I’ve ever seen” and the gravy as “wallpaper paste”.

With Cheese Please

fast food facts 3
So the extra cheese you are getting on your burger is more often than not processed cheese. Processed cheese is only about half cheese. The other half is made up of whey, salt, milk, emulsifiers, preservatives and artificial coloring.

Just Get a Kid’s Meal

fast food facts 4
In 2010 research was done that found that less than 1% of all kid’s meal combinations met recommended nutritional standards. So all those marketed as a smarter and healthier choice for parents to buy also likely falls into this category.

But Then I Will Just Get The Salad

fast food facts 5
They are in fact some of the unhealthiest options on the take-away menus. The lower-calorie chicken salad shown above (from Burger King) come in with 550 calories, 37g of fat and 1 640mg of salt.

Popular burgers in comparison:
Big Mac: 467 calories, 23g fat, 908mg of salt
Whopper: 650 calories, 37g fat, 910mg of salt

Aren’t Fresh Ingredients Better

fast food facts 6
Pizza Hut sued Papa John’s, claiming false advertisement that “fresher ingredients” make “better pizza.” I have never heard anyone complaining about ingredients being too fresh or preferring stale ingredients. So in my humble opinion I think that fresher ingredients do make better food!

Quiz Time: What Is This?

fast food facts 7
If you guessed that is the “beef” that Taco Bell uses, I am really impressed. Well it is and doesn’t it look just totally appetizing?

A Good Old Traditional Milkshake

fast food facts 8
The McDonald’s strawberry milkshake contains a total of 59 ingredients. None of them are strawberries. Nuff said.

At Least The Stores Are Kept Clean

fast food facts 9
On average fast food patrons will consume 12 pubic hairs each year. We don’t want to know how or why.

But The Meat Is 100%

fast food facts 10
That is true. It is 100% of things that come from the same animal for example cattle. You will get a lovely tasty medley of meat, hearts, intestines, tripe, stomachs and a couple of flour bleaching agents and loads of salt to mask the odd flavors. My mouth is watering…

At Least The Soda Fountains Are Value For Money

fast food facts 11
That is true. Regardless of the huge quantities of sugar in those drinks early half of all soda fountains tested found bacteria on them that grew in fecal matter.

The No-Brainer

fast food facts 12
Basically most of the food on the fast food menus are high in fat, high in salt and low in nutritional value.

So the next time you go and enjoy a quick take away just remember these points.

Stop being lazy and cook for a change! It is cheaper, healthier, tastes a lot better and actually can become a fun hobby!

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dessert fail
March 17th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Cooking shows give us all a bit of a false sense of bravado. So we step into the kitchen with the best intentions to whip up a wondrous meal or dessert. However what we see on tv is based on skills that these chefs have developed over many years.

The attempts of the rest of us mere mortals more often than not come a lot closer to the pictures below.

Yoda-got-into-a-fight Sundaes

making dessert 1

Kahlua + Marshmallows Mud Pie

making dessert 2

Rainbow Cocktail? Pffft. Its Supposed To Be a Mud Cocktail

making dessert 3

Perfect Cowtails

making dessert 4

Exquisite – As Advertised

making dessert 5

Watermelon Post Food Fight Cake

making dessert 6

I Just Love Scraping Clean Waffle Makers!

making dessert 7

Light, Fluffy and Perfect Dessert Taco Shells

making dessert 8

I’d Still Slam Them In My Face

making dessert 9

Game of Thrones Love Scene vs. Game of Thrones After The Battle Scene

making dessert 10

Quant Green Cow Patty Meringues

making dessert 11

Look! Its Runt-of-the-litter Smurf!

making dessert 12

Not So Frozen Anymore

making dessert 13

Perfect Little Suns

making dessert 14

Ladybug Pop vs. Lady Bug Against Windscreen Pop

making dessert 15

Tinkerbell Fought The Law… And Lost

making dessert 16

Uncanny Copy Of The Original

making dessert 17

Mudslide a-la-Candles

making dessert 18

Lets Say Its The Thought That Counts

making dessert 19

Broken, But I’d Still Slam Them In My Face

making dessert 20

Heatwave Minion

making dessert 21

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