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November 12th, 2018 by Jessica Lange

Some dads will do anything to win and this video proves it.  Watch the goalie.  He never sees it coming…..

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very creative drawing
June 12th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Some people just have that touch when they get creative. They see something in front of them and can turn it into something amazing. Here are 7 examples of what can be done.

1. The coolest bench ever!



If you had this in your garden EVERYONE would be jealous of you. I would never be able to pull this off and it does truly look amazing.

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cutting a mango with amazing skill
June 10th, 2015 by Tanya du Randt

A mango is a very messy fruit to eat. It is sticky and all over the place, but super good tasting. This street vendor however has great skills and slices up a mango so that it is ready to dig into.

Not only is it ready to eat, it also looks great! If I were to work a knife in that way I would surely end up with a few fingers missing…


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Playing Star Wars theme on flame thrower bagpipes
June 9th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Looking at the stranger side of life is not a bad thing. We all need a laugh sometimes and the sillier and weirder it gets, the better!

We know this is just your average everyday scene of a guy riding a toy version of a BB-8 droid wearing a kilt and playing the Star Wars theme on flame shooting bagpipes, but it should do for now.

I think that would reach a decent rank on most people’s weird scale.


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June 7th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Don’t let age stand in your way. It is always a great time to make sure that your wardrobe matches your inner pimp. Go big pimpin grandpa!


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doesn't like eating alone
June 2nd, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Dogs are really special and can teach us a lot about how to care for others and love others. This one just once again shows why it is important to do things together.

Each dog gets their dinner but at separate ends of the room. The little one doesn’t like that at all and wants to eat with his dog family. Shouldn’t we do this more as well?


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game of pallets
May 26th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

The Iron Throne is iconic in its own right, but it has been taken. Sorry. There are so many claims to it that you will never get a chance to play along. So it is time to strive for the Wooden Throne in the Game of Pallets.

game of pallets

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The amazing Sawyer Fredericks
May 22nd, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

This is an amazing voice. Sawyer Fredericks won the latest edition of The Voice and it VERY easy to understand why. In his final performance he sings a classic from Neil Young “Old Man”.

If you are like me you have probably never heard the name before. After you listen to him singing you are not likely to forget it.

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treadmill funk dance
May 6th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Most people use a treadmill to get in some cardio to get a little fitter and drop a kilo here and there. Other people use treadmills in a whoooooole different way.

I have to admit I admire this guy and what his doing. Not because the moves look so cool, but just because he manages to stay upright and not slam his face into the treadmill.

I counted and there were 17 instances where I would have DEFINITELY ended up with a serious case of treadmill-rash on my face…

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April 16th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

There are street performers and then there are street performers. This guy falls into the genius side of it. There have been many nights (after a couple of drinks of course) where we have all thought we could move like this, but I am venturing a guess that it didn’t look EXACTLY like this.

The man has ridiculous skills and it must have taken countless hours perfecting his art.

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