D.I.WHY Did You Do That?


Claiming I am a good handyman would not be a half-truth, but a full lie. I do get by however and there have been a few successful projects that haven’t resulted in mutilating injuries to myself. All of them have however been for a reason.

There are however projects that people undertake for absolutely no apparent reason. Below we detail 19 of the most useless DIY projects that people have undertaken. The efforts of these individuals put into their projects just leaves with a bit of a “DI-Why?”

Cardboard Chair

di why 1

The exact way you should build a chair that you only want to use once.

Book Plant

di why 2

Oh you’re so clever. You did an amazing job of ruining a perfectly good book and turning it into a ridiculous pot plant thing


di why 3

Step 1: Collect 1 558 little thingies from the top of soda cans.
Step 2: Mangle your fingers in an attempt to create this handbag.
Step 3: Go on a walk about and never come back. You should not breed.

Denim Slippers

di why 4

Due to the extreme nature of ugliness involved in these denim slippers, we can’t show any more. We are very proud of you for using the pockets that use to keep your butt warm to now keep your feet warm, but please stop being creative. You are hurting

Tub Couch

di why 5

Yes. That is a much better use for a beautiful tub. Ruin it and make a stupid couch of it.

Pallet Bed

di why 6

Reclaiming wood: good on you.
Your precious little angel looking like a porcupine from all of the splinters: not so good on you

Doll Parts Clothes Rack

di why 7

So little Tracy doesn’t want her doll anymore. Let’s turn it into the creepiest clothes rack in the history of the world

Homemade Shoes

di why 8

So why not make my own shoes? Because you have no talent making shoes and their are horrible!!!

Wine Bottle Lights

di why 9

Why not disappoint your guests by having wine bottles hanging from the ceiling with no wine in them!?!? The poor person who did this must be sitting with so many cuts and is probably still bleeding

Cork Tree

di why 10

I want a willow tree in my home. I could buy a plant or build one from 13 809 corks…

Knitted Casual Ware

di why 11

Is fashion suppose to make your eyes bleed?


di why 12

Pay for an expensive panel-beater? Never! I’ve got this!

Origami Bow-Tie

di why 13

Origami bow-tie. Right up there with the clip-on tie. Pure class

Denim Couch

di why 14

Need something ugly in your home? Why not re-purpose 12 pairs of denim and turn them into this monstrosity?

Clothes Pegs Pot Plants

di why 15

Nauseatingly beautiful. No. Just nauseating

Book Chair

di why 16

How would you ruin a nice chair and a couple of classic novels? Why I would build a chair of course rendering both useless and then I would plomp my ass down on it!

Origami Vase

di why 17

Respect for the next-level origami skills. It is also as practical as a soccer balls filled with lead



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