Life Hacks: 24 Redneck Fixes

redneck fixes 21

Give credit to those rednecks. They really know how to make a plan. We go around and buy the appropriate parts or get things fixed using the right tools or a handyman. Why? These are all perfect examples of their ingenuity!

#1 Now who needs one of those stupid delivery trucks!

redneck fixes 1

#2 Nah! My wine glass is still working perfectly well

redneck fixes 2

#3 The new doorstop has been installed

redneck fixes 3

#4 We upgraded to a fancy new porch light

redneck fixes 4

#5 I decided to pimp my car with this custom new petrol cap

redneck fixes 5

#6 The DIY answer to: “I forgot a fork”

redneck fixes 6




April 16th, 2015 by