Oh To Be A Cat… (part 1 of 4)

oh to be a cat

Many people envy the lives of cats. Sleep for up to 20 hours a day… get carried around… a live of active and professional rest and relaxation.

Cats are however also some of the weirdest creatures out there and they don’t really let anything come between them and a nap. These pictures make you wonder about whether or not cats aren’t in fact aliens of some sort…

And no cats were harmed in the taking of these photos. They decided all by themselves to go to sleep like this. Crazy Cats.

Just getting away from it all

sleeping cat 1

Bootleg edition

sleeping cat 2

The sink ninja…now you see me… now you don’t

sleeping cat 3

A hard day at the office

sleeping cat 4

Hide and seek winner – 2 days and not found yet!

sleeping cat 5

Reached the summit and now I need to rest

sleeping cat 6

Serious multi-direction catting

sleeping cat 7

Need a hug?

sleeping cat 8

So a 3d printer can do that?!?!

sleeping cat 9



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