Slam that in my FACE! Sandwiches of the world – part 2 of 2

happy sandwich featured image

I really should be doing these posts when I am hungry. Some of these look good, others look absolutely drool-inducing faint-and-fall-over delicious!

The thing about sandwiches is that they don’t need to be overly complex to be amazing. You just need some decent bread and then you start throwing stuff on there. Something as simple as the one from Australia goes down a treat with a cup of coffee. Then again, something like that masterpiece from Uruguay or the Kaya Toast just makes me want to overindulge BIG TIME!!!

(It also looks like a great reason to travel around the globe for an all-you-can-eat-holiday)

Australia: Vegamite (and we just call it Marmite)

happy sandwich 1

France: Jambon beurre

happy sandwich 2

Puerto Rico: The Tripleta

happy sandwich 3

Finland: Porilanien

happy sandwich 4

Uruguay: The Chivito

happy sandwich 5

South Africa: The Gatsby

happy sandwich 6

Belgium: The Mitraillette

happy sandwich 7

The Netherlands: The classic Dutch broodje Kroket

happy sandwich 8

Poland: Zapiekanka

happy sandwich 9

Argentina: The Choripán

happy sandwich 10

Malaysia: The Roti john

happy sandwich 11

Serbia: Pljeskavica

happy sandwich 12

Singapore: Kaya Toast

happy sandwich 13

Brazil: The Bauru

happy sandwich 14

Italy: A Panino

happy sandwich 15

Macau: A pork chop bun

happy sandwich 16

Austria: Bonsa or Bosner

happy sandwich 17



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