wooden box of tricks
March 25th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Everyone needs one of these in their backyard. The man, the legend behind this awesome little wooden box of tricks: Izzy Swan.

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in some time just once again showing what amazing things we humans can create. The man has got some serious skills in woodworking and created a little masterpiece.

Many of these folding types of designs sometimes look like they wouldn’t be that sturdy, but it is easy to see that this is not the case with the Eizzy Folding Table.

It looks more like a treasure check or magic box of some sorts, but when he starts unfolding it it is just amazing. Hauling this around would be far easier than trying to carry four chairs and a table. Often times this is the main flaw in these types of folding designs. They are often just not practical. They look cool, but you can’t really see where or when you can really use it.

This would be a great addition to anyone’s camping set up. I can just picture myself whipping this one out when we go fishing and looking like a rockstar because I didn’t forget a table or a chair 🙂

The man’s genius should be shared!

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Awesome chicken hotel
March 25th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Tiffany is the Fancy Farmgirl and her work is truly impressive. Who said farming should be all dull and dreary work in the mud and dust wearing khaki? Not that I have anything against it, but Tiffany really does show another side of farming which I am sure will appeal to everyone

The Fancy Farmgirl is the owns 30 free range chickens. Now these chickens don’t live in your average coop, they live in the Awesomest Grand Chicken Hotel in my opinion. Tiffany decided that her chickens would enjoy life in luxury and put together the best life that they could wish for.

She started out with a shed that she bought from Home Depot and then she got stuck in to transforming it into what you see here.

chicken hotel 2

They only receive the best treatment

chicken hotel 3

Tiffany wanted to give the coop the feel of a rustic boutique hotel and succeeded!

chicken hotel 4

This must be the only shed or chicken coop in the world with chandeliers

chicken hotel 5

Tiffany says the chickens work for her and her family by providing them with eggs

chicken hotel 6

The chickens are outside most of the day and have been taught to get in and out of the shed in the mornings and evenings

chicken hotel 7

The biggest fluffiest hen of the lot: Narnia

chicken hotel 8

Anyone would love sitting here on a late afternoon reading as the chickens come back into the coop

chicken hotel 9

The original coop when they only had 3 chickens

chicken hotel 10

So I’ve been meaning to build a coop at our home… Let the creative juices flow!!!

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the barn home
March 18th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Something that really impresses me about the Tiny House Movement is how innovative people are getting. Most of these tiny houses don’t cover more than 500 square feet (around 45 square meters).

This forces the architects of these houses to really get creative with how they lay out these buildings. In an attempt to try and offer as much as possible in these homes they add features like hidden compartments, secret furniture as well as sliding doors.

Taking these space saving concepts and applying them to a far bigger home results in something truly astonishing. Although the Tiny House Movement focuses on saving space, the size of your home should be up to you and what you want and need in a home.

These guys from Suffolk in England have transformed an ordinary looking barn into an amazing home. The company that designed it, DRMM, also won a number of awards along the way for this impressive piece of architecture.

We have put together a number of photos of this barn below. If you would like to find out more about DRMM and their impressive work, you can visit them here:

It looks like a cool barn

barn home 1

Then the walls start rolling back…

barn home 2

What remains is the skeleton of the house with all glass walls and ceiling!

barn home 3

This gives a stunning view with wonderful lighting

barn home 4

Isn’t bad half-closed either

barn home 5

And it doesn’t just let the sun stream in…

barn home 6

… They actually planned ahead. The roofing can be extended so a swimming pool can be added or they can grow their own food

barn home 7

At night it becomes a work of design art when lit up

barn home 8

And it doesn’t change from another angle

barn home 9

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home and boat in one
March 12th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Our friends, those clever Germans, have come up with a wondrous idea: combine a mobile home with a boat. It is something that many of my friends also wouldn’t mind owning. Just have a look at the impressive gallery of pictures below and see what these guys came up with.

So you got drunk and drove the mobile home into the lake… NO PROBLEM!

sealander home boat 1

Not a bad view and you’ve got some tuneage going

sealander home boat 2

I asked. It doesn’t come with a matching blonde in a white bikini

sealander home boat 3

Look how happy they are laughing at the yacht people who can only play in the water

sealander home boat 4

For safety reasons all the big people, like me, should sit in the middle for balance

sealander home boat 5

If you want to out in stormy weather go for the burn-my-eyes-out green seat covers for maximum visibility

sealander home boat 6

Laugh with your friends at the homeless guy trying to get in

sealander home boat 7

The other yacht people will hate you and turn your back on you… they see you rollin, they be hatin

sealander home boat 8

The ideal companion for camping on building rubble beaches

sealander home boat 9

We are camping in the water! We are camping in the water!

sealander home boat 10

What time is it? Hipster Lunch Time!!!,/h2>
sealander home boat 11

You can find out more about these amazing camper-boat-wonders at www.sealander.de. It also starts at the give-away price of around $25 000.

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