saying inappropriate things
June 3rd, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

I must admit that from time to time I say slightly inappropriate things. It is however always better to be honest even if some people take a little offense.

See it is all just a bit of a misunderstanding. There is just so much brutal honesty bubbling over sometimes that people misunderstand what I mean.

The same thing happens when I try to say things very clearly. People then refer to it as shouting or losing it. Why?

saying inappropriate things


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All alone? No one to talk to?
May 29th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Some people are the kings and queens of drama and they love few things better than throwing a bit of a pity party. The same ones who feel all alone sometimes and then goes fishing… for compliments.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about people who suffer from depression or similar problems. This is just aimed at the drama queens of the world.

If you have a friend who falls into this category… share it, tag them and bring joy to the world!

All alone? No one to talk to?

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What is your Batman Name
May 11th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

This is an extremely accurately calculator to work out what your Batman name is.

What is your Batman Name

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April 20th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

There are many little things around you that might cause unnecessary stress and it just gets you down. Learn to just let it go and chill by the pool… DefianceMonday style.

defiance Monday 5

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April 16th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy
need a cookie

Your brain’s decisions don’t matter!

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donut seeds. as good as doughnut seeds
April 6th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

They couldn’t just appear from out of nowhere. This has to be true. This product is endorsed by the East Scandinavian Doughnut Grower’s Association.

doughnut seeds

I am sure these must be for real…

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police respect
April 6th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

It looks like it is not just in South Africa where respect for the police is not at the levels it should be. I wonder why?

police respect

Not respecting the police 100%

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having a bad day 7
March 24th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Some days things just don’t want to go your way. Some days it just suck non-stop. These unlucky people have been having days like this. This is our top 10 collection of people really not having great days.

Share with friends you think might appreciate this

1. It’s not that he loves vacuuming, but then when this happens…

having a bad day 7

2. How do you explain this to the insurance company?

having a bad day 8

3. The worst day of your life

having a bad day 9

4. Her day can only get better

having a bad day 10

5. Pre-peeled bananas

having a bad day 1

6. So there goes lunch

having a bad day 2

7. Sometimes the copiers is not working. Other times…

having a bad day 4

8. Someone is winning the “lottery” and its not you!

having a bad day 4

9. Less than ideal driving conditions

having a bad day 5

10. Diet demotivational

having a bad day 6

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re-gifting gift cards
March 12th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

One of the most elusive arts to perfect is the art of re-gifting. Some get it right and some just miss the mark ever so slightly. I am a bit divided on where these guys fit into the picture as they went for re-gifting greeting cards.

On the one hand it is exceptionally easy to see that it was definitely not meant to be the card it turned out to be, but these are one-of-a-kind cards. No one else will have one like it, so in fact the person that gave you this card cared so much that they custom made you a card.

What do you think of these masterpieces?

The college celebration card

re-gifting gift cards 1

Birthday card – that kinda sounds like a 50 Cent song

re-gifting gift cards 2

Birthday card – that shows they care enough to read it

re-gifting gift cards 3

Birthday card – parents that understand

re-gifting gift cards 4

Mother’s day card – when your son can improvise

re-gifting gift cards 5

Birthday card – actually quite clever

re-gifting gift cards 6

Birthday card – brotherly love

re-gifting gift cards 7

Christmas card – the 100% miss

re-gifting gift cards 8

Engagement card – good re-gifting conversion

re-gifting gift cards 9

Mother’s day card – the full conversion

re-gifting gift cards 10

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dumb questions
March 12th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Yahoo Answers is supposed to be a fountain of knowledge where people share answers to real life questions.

Sometimes you feel however that there is not a fountain of knowledge strong enough to sustain some of the dumber people on there. Some of the questions just leave me dumbstruck.

How do these people just manage to keep themselves alive on a daily basis? Also what types of drugs do they use?

Dumb Question #1

dumb question 1

Frank N is a wise man.

Dumb Question #2

dumb question 2

So this individual should definitely not be walking free. They should be confined to a lab and experimented on to test levels of stupidity.

Dumb Question #3

dumb question 3

I so wish I could help. I just gave away my last turn-into-a-mermaid spell minutes ago!

Dumb Question #4

dumb question 4

Yup. Americans are cats are Americans are cats are Americans. Sorted

Dumb Question #5

dumb question 5

Ignorant much?

Dumb Question #6

dumb question 6

Congratulations! You have definitely got a vampire baby on your hands. When it comes out it will glitter in all its glory!

Dumb Question #7

dumb question 7

Like dr. Phil always recommends: “The best way to make your dog feel better is to give it a mini-makeover”.

Dumb Question #8

dumb question 8

Have you hugged your pots today?

Dumb Question #9

dumb question 9

He he he…. Specific Ocean

Dumb Question #10

dumb question 10

Elmyr knows his stuff.

Dumb Question #11

dumb question 11

I can’t grammar my word order so good.

Dumb Question #12

dumb question 12

It is definitely what they are doing. Me and my friends at the Aliens Like Doughnuts and Sing Mariah Carey Foundation have proof of this.

Dumb Question #13

dumb question 13

Here are the tests you should follow to know for sure:
Test 1 – if the baby came out of you, its yours.
Test 2 – if the baby came out of someone else, it is not yours

Dumb Question #14

dumb question 14

Uhhh… I have nothing

Dumb Question #15

dumb question 15

Hopefully you are never in a situation where you need to start melting them.

Dumb Question #16

dumb question 16

Kids and their crazy diets these days.

Dumb Question #17

dumb question 17

Noooooo. You are not gullible at all.

Dumb Question #18

dumb question 18

Why would you like to change the Bobs? Is this a conspiracy by the Bobs to turn into giants and take over the world?!?! Attack of the 50 Foot Bobs!!!

Dumb Question #19

dumb question 19

I also know one. He sits across from me. He is called Divan.

Dumb Question #20

dumb question 20

Everyone is turning into Taylor Swift!!!

Dumb Question #21

dumb question 21

Although “Dognut” is catchy… I will also rather go with “Doughnut”

Dumb Question #22

dumb question 22

That is why the Ninja Turtles hate you.

Dumb Question #23

dumb question 23

I also think so. Must agree. I would also think it is a cat.

Dumb Question #24

dumb question 24

They are on their way. All you need to do is hold your breath until they get there.

Dumb Question #25

dumb question 25

Don’t stifle his creativity!

Dumb Question #26

dumb question 26

I don’t really want to know how many woman responded to this…

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