two cute babies video
May 27th, 2015 by Lisa Garner

Few things are cuter than babies. When you put a human baby and an English Bulldog puppy together you know the cuteness overload is going to hit you!

Watch as these two friends share a special moment and all your worries just melt away. If this doesn’t make you smile today nothing will.

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puppy escaping
May 27th, 2015 by Tanya du Randt

Puppies have always been escape artists.  There’s nothing worse than running down the street after an errant poodle!  If I had a Rand for each time I’ve had to run down the road in my slippers to catch Ollie I’d have at least enough for a cage!

Even when this little guy’s got a stack of toys and a blankie, he’s just not satisfied and keeps escaping.  We set up a video because this little puppy just decided he’d had enough and wanted out!  You won’t believe how he does it.

Our animals are more resourceful than we think and a puppy will find a way…

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