1 Veggie Smoothie please. Defiance Monday
May 25th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

I know we just posted a few minutes about your eating habits. Well here is another great idea for Defiance Monday when you have decided to give up on today. Stop doing the Monday thing NOW and get yourself this healthy boost in happiness.

If you decided to go for a veggie smoothie for those extra vitamins just add the following to make it a complete meal: 2 x tots vodka, a burger on a stick, bacon, fried chicken, jalapenos and random other bits.

1 Veggie Smoothie please. Defiance Monday

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beer can patties
May 21st, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

This is probably one of the most disgustingly beautiful things I have ever seen. There are few loves greater than the love for great food and these find gentleman are creating burger patties that should have their own monument.

This is not your average every day of the week type burger patties and I think most mere mortals would only be able to stuff one into their faces in a single sitting. Doing it would however be great fun and I would recommend it for everyone.

It will definitely be a mess. It will definitely leave a smile on your face. It will definitely make your friends jealous when you put a picture of it up on Facebook or Instagram.

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rainbow cupcakes
May 21st, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Too many recipes you find online these days are either near impossible to pull off, cost loads to do or contain ingredients that you would only find on another planet. These rainbow cupcakes are however something out of the ordinary and is made using far more conventional ingredients.

Granted it would still take you a bit of time to make these little masterpieces, but that would be it. The ingredients are ridiculously expensive and the techniques are what most cooks would be able to do without too much trouble.

The video is just over 8 minutes long and by the end you will be drooling!

I think I will have to bake some of these for myself. Cupcakes are your friend. Rainbow cupcakes are your best friend. They’re everyone’s friend.

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breakfast hacks 2
March 23rd, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

One of the big reasons why people don’t like making breakfast is because it eats into their previous morning time before work. If you barely have time to get ready for work, you often don’t have enough time to put together a healthy breakfast.

So let’s make things a little easier and do all the work in the evening. Here are two very easy ways to cut down the time you would need in the mornings.

Healthy oats in a jar

breakfast hacks 1

This is definitely one of the easiest things you can make. You don’t even need to cook the oats for this. The basis of the “Oats in a jar” is oats and some milk (or water if you prefer it).

One of the nicest ones you can do is to add about half a cup of oats and a cup of milk to a nearly empty peanut butter jar. If you don’t have a peanut butter jar, any other jar would work.

You can then add frozen berries, banana, protein powder, flax seed and cinnamon to taste. Give it a stir so that everything is mixed and put in the fridge.

Tomorrow when you get up, it will be good to go!

Pre-packed smoothie ingredients

breakfast hacks 2

Smoothies are one of the rockstars of the breakfast world. If you prepare only one portion daily from scratch it takes some time.

We therefore suggest that you get 5 zip-lock bags and make enough pre-packed smoothie ingredients for a working week. In a smoothie you are ideally looking to have protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber in abundance.

You can therefore combine the following ingredients in different combinations every day to keep things interesting:
Kale, berries, cinnamon, banana, orange, flax seeds, whey protein, spinach, almonds, oats, peanut butter, chia seeds and apple.

After you have made your five different smoothie packs you pop them in the fridge for the week ahead.

You should also buy a tub or two of greek yoghurt to mix it up with every week. You can then swap this with milk every other day.

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quick breakfast hacks
March 12th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

The idea with hacks is that it is supposed to make your life a lot easier. Breakfast should be a quick and easy meal.

So over the next few weeks we will be bringing you a couple of breakfast hacks every week to help you save time in the mornings.

Eggs in the Microwave

breakfast hacks 1

This is one I have been doing for some time. With so many people trying to get in more protein and less carbs these days they often want an option for quick and easy protein. This one is both cheap and easy to do and you don’t need to wash any pans.

You can either make it for breakfast or take the raw eggs to work and make it in a microwave oven there.

What you’ll need:

  • Two eggs
    Yep. That’s it.

    How to prepare them:

  • Crack the two eggs into a microwaveable bowl
  • Put in the microwave on high for 2 minutes
  • After one minute, open the microwave and stir it a bit
  • After two minutes, open the microwave and eat it
    If you want to add a bit of flavor to it you can add a little cheese or pieces of tomato or ham in after 1 minute.

    Bacon in the oven

    breakfast hacks 2

    Why bacon? Because bacon of course.

    This is a fairly easy, healthy and relatively quick one. The ingredients you’ll need are shown below, however the foil is an optional extra. It does however help in making the clean up afterwards a bit less painful.

    breakfast hacks 2-1

    As you put it all together, you should end up with it looking like this:

    breakfast hacks 2-2

    How to prepare them:

  • After the bacon has been laid out, put them in a cold oven and then turn it up to 200 degrees Celsius / 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • You can then start checking it from around 15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes they will be cooked and by 25 minutes they will be crispy, so cook’em as you like’em
    These are just the first two that we will be sharing now with more coming every week. The idea is to make sure that you steadily build up a couple of options for breakfast that normal people can make and actually afford.

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