nightstands diy 5
March 25th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

DIY projects that I love best are the ones that cost nothing or almost nothing. There are so many things that is probably lying around the house, up in an attic or in a shed that can be re-purposed brilliantly in your home.

Have a look at some of these ingenious ways people created nightstands and the start digging through your old stuff…

1. A simple trolley suddenly becomes elegant

nightstands diy 6

2. A stack of old coffee table books

nightstands diy 7

3. An old barrel

nightstands diy 8

4. Two crates stacked

nightstands diy 9

5. A small desk (dual purpose in small spaces)

nightstands diy 10

6. Old magazines

nightstands diy 11

7. A wooden block

nightstands diy 12

8. Cinder blocks

nightstands diy 13

9. A chair with a lamp fitted to it.

nightstands diy 14

10. Some old planks put together

nightstands diy 15


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rubber band hacks
March 16th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Life Hacks really start adding value when it involves things I have in my home and it actually applies to things I need help with.

Too often there are amazing hacks that really helps you with absolutely nothing except if you were perhaps a polar bear… stuck in a tree… trying to train a cat… to dance on a tightrope. That would be really cool to, but you wouldn’t really find yourself in situations where that becomes necessary too often.
Let me introduce our here: The Rubber Band.

Everyone has a few lying around the office or at home and they have a number of uses apart from the obvious: shooting them at your kids.

The video below shows you how to remove tough lids, prevent spoons from falling into bowls and keep your glasses on your face… Well just watch the video already and find out for yourself.

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iphone tips and tricks
March 12th, 2015 by Thys Du Plooy

Every time you get a new phone you spend hours on it trying to figure out as much as you can. Personally I always feel that I am missing half of what these wonderful little devices can do… and I am right more often than not.

To many times in the past I have chatted to friends only to hear about ANOTHER feature that I didn’t know about.

So to help you out a bit we have put together a couple of iPhone Tips and Tricks that might make life a little easier for you (not to mention turning you into the oracle-of-the-iPhone).

iPhone Tip #1

iphone tips and tricks 1

There is an undo function that allows you to go back if you make a mistake writing a text message, email, or editing a photo. Simply shake your phone and this option will pop up.

iPhone Tip #2

iphone tips and tricks 2

Double-tapping the spacebar will automatically end the sentence with a period and start a new one for you.

iPhone Tip #3

iphone tips and tricks 3

As long as the camera app is open, you can use the volume buttons to take a photo.

iPhone Tip #4

iphone tips and tricks 4

You can teach Siri how to properly pronounce words by saying, “That’s not how you pronounce______ ” and she will then give alternatives for you to choose the correct one.

iPhone Tip #5

iphone tips and tricks 5

By holding down the capture button in the camera app, your phone will take a series of photos so you can get the perfect shot.

iPhone Tip #6

iphone tips and tricks 6

You can control the scrubbing rate of streaming video/audio by moving your finger down the screen.

iPhone Tip #7

iphone tips and tricks 7

You can see the timestamps of your text messages by sliding your texts over to the left.

iPhone Tip #8

iphone tips and tricks 8

Swipe left on the Compass app and your iPhone will work as a level.

iPhone Tip #9

iphone tips and tricks 9

Your phone will charge much faster if you turn on “Airplane Mode” while charging.

iPhone Tip #10

iphone tips and tricks 10

Instead of having your phone vibrate or ring when you get a call or text, you can have it emit an LED flash. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, then scroll down and turn on “LED Flash for Alerts.”

iPhone Tip #11

iphone tips and tricks 11

You can set a timer for listening to music or audiobooks before bed. Just launch your Clock app, choose the Timer button in the lower right and set the timer for however long you want your media to play. Then, tap “When Timer Ends,” scroll to the bottom and choose “Stop Playing”. Now you’ll never have to turn off your music again after falling asleep.

iPhone Tip #12

iphone tips and tricks 12

You can create a longer passcode with letters instead of numbers. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn off “Simple Passcode.”

iPhone Tip #13

iphone tips and tricks 13

You can find out what airplanes are flying about you. Just ask Siri “what flights are overhead.”

iPhone Tip #14

iphone tips and tricks 14

Your phone will read texts aloud. Start by going into the Settings app. Choose General, tap Accessibility and then turn on the Speak Selection feature. After you’ve done this, the “Speak” option will always appear when you highlight text.

iPhone Tip #15

iphone tips and tricks 15

Change the vibration pattern for notifications. Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration. You’ll be able to tell who is calling or texting you just by the vibration.

iPhone Tip #16

iphone tips and tricks 16

If you hold down the “.” on your keyboard, a menu will pop up with a list of web suffices to choose from, saving you the time of typing it out.

iPhone Tip #17

iphone tips and tricks 17

Take a screen shot by holding down the home button and the on/off button at the same time. The screen shot will then be saved in your camera roll.

iPhone Tip #18

iphone tips and tricks 18

You can access all of your email drafts easily by holding down the “Compose” icon. It will then give you a list of all of your previous drafts.

iPhone Tip #19

iphone tips and tricks 19

Create shortcuts in no time. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Add New Shortcut. Enter a word or phrase that you use a lot and what you want the shortcut to be. Now, every time you type that shortcut, the whole word/phrase will appear.

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