Take one orange and one balloon: you wouldn’t believe what happens

when an orange peel meets a balloon

The science they teach you in school sucks compared to ridiculous things like this. Not exactly sure how someone figured this one out, but it is very cool.

You know when you peel an orange your fingers are probably a bit sticky and a little greasy and they smell all nice like citrus. Well that stuff is heavy on limonene, which is an essential oil. It is a little wonder of nature which is great for your skin as it hydrates it and makes you smell like you have been rolling around in oranges.

When you put it on a balloon it is however not as friendly… Have a look at the little clip below. Weird stuff. Now I just wonder: how bored must the scientist have been to have thought “today I will sit with various fruit, squeeze them over balloons and see what happens”.



April 14th, 2015 by