The Awesomest Grand Chicken Hotel

Awesome chicken hotel

Tiffany is the Fancy Farmgirl and her work is truly impressive. Who said farming should be all dull and dreary work in the mud and dust wearing khaki? Not that I have anything against it, but Tiffany really does show another side of farming which I am sure will appeal to everyone

The Fancy Farmgirl is the owns 30 free range chickens. Now these chickens don’t live in your average coop, they live in the Awesomest Grand Chicken Hotel in my opinion. Tiffany decided that her chickens would enjoy life in luxury and put together the best life that they could wish for.

She started out with a shed that she bought from Home Depot and then she got stuck in to transforming it into what you see here.

chicken hotel 2

They only receive the best treatment

chicken hotel 3

Tiffany wanted to give the coop the feel of a rustic boutique hotel and succeeded!

chicken hotel 4

This must be the only shed or chicken coop in the world with chandeliers

chicken hotel 5

Tiffany says the chickens work for her and her family by providing them with eggs

chicken hotel 6

The chickens are outside most of the day and have been taught to get in and out of the shed in the mornings and evenings

chicken hotel 7

The biggest fluffiest hen of the lot: Narnia

chicken hotel 8

Anyone would love sitting here on a late afternoon reading as the chickens come back into the coop

chicken hotel 9

The original coop when they only had 3 chickens

chicken hotel 10

So I’ve been meaning to build a coop at our home… Let the creative juices flow!!!



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