Top 10: Couples who mullet together, stay together

Couples who mullet 1

The mullet is one of the classiest and most classic hairstyles in the world. From these happy pictures you can also clearly see that couples who mullet together stay together.

It is one of the most iconic time-capsules taking us back a bleak time in the 80s when your wealth was measured by the amount of hairspray you could afford.

I am just sitting here wondering why monuments haven’t been erected to celebrate this most sensual an seductive of hairstyles. Grrrrrrrrrr…

Our mullet power couple

Couples who mullet 1

1986 Miami suburban gangster chic

Couples who mullet 2

Also… families that mullet together stay together

Couples who mullet 3

Must love dogs…

Couples who mullet 4

$100 when she turns around she will have a kick-ass rat-tail

Couples who mullet 5




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