Top 9: You won’t believe the bad day they are having…

very bad day 5

Some days are better than others. If you are feeling like you are having the worst possible day… then measure it against these guys first.

The likely result:
1. You will feel a lot better about your situation
2. You will at least have a smile on your face 🙂

#1 When your car decides your going nowhere

very bad day 1

#2 You are late getting into the office and then…

very bad day 2

#3 When they take the “to your door” as “through your door”
very bad day 3

#4 When your refreshing beverage hates you

very bad day 4

#5 The saddest day of 2015 thus far

very bad day 5

#6 Soaking in some sunshine and then you get this beautiful tan

very bad day 6

#7 The perfect romantic proposal photo gets ruined by that idiot

very bad day 7

#8 When even the wheelbarrow hates you

very bad day 8

#9 For a change you win with one of those machines… NOT!

very bad day 9



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