When a Rubber Band Becomes So Much More

rubber band hacks

Life Hacks really start adding value when it involves things I have in my home and it actually applies to things I need help with.

Too often there are amazing hacks that really helps you with absolutely nothing except if you were perhaps a polar bear… stuck in a tree… trying to train a cat… to dance on a tightrope. That would be really cool to, but you wouldn’t really find yourself in situations where that becomes necessary too often.
Let me introduce our here: The Rubber Band.

Everyone has a few lying around the office or at home and they have a number of uses apart from the obvious: shooting them at your kids.

The video below shows you how to remove tough lids, prevent spoons from falling into bowls and keep your glasses on your face… Well just watch the video already and find out for yourself.



March 16th, 2015 by